To the Graduating Class of 2019 (Yearbook)

To the Graduating Class of 2019,

At the 2015 announcement of his Chicago presidential library, President Barack Obama reflected on the significance of the location: “The people there, the community, the lessons that I learned — they’re all based right in the few square miles where we’ll now be able to give something back and bring the world back home after this incredible journey.” In many ways, the close connection that President Obama described in relation to his local community parallels the small close-knit community that we have here in Dobbs Ferry.

As graduates of DFHS and members of our community, you are part of a legacy and history that goes well beyond any of us as individuals. This was on display in full force on the evening that our basketball team won the Gold Ball for the first time since 1967. That game was about so much more than basketball. It was about our community, past and present. The stands were filled with parents, community members, students, teachers, and alumni, some of whom were students at DFHS in 1967. That evening reminded us that we are a community that supports one another, and that Dobbs Ferry may be small in size but we are mighty in spirit.

At the center of our amazing community are our incredible schools. As graduates of an IB World School, you are prepared with the necessary skills and perspective to leave our small community so that you can truly tackle global issues while making a difference on a local level. Regardless of the path that you choose after high school, you will find opportunities to give beyond yourself and “to bring the world back home after an incredible journey.” I am truly confident that you are ready for these challenges, and that you are ready to make a positive and lasting impact that will make Dobbs Ferry proud.

Dobbs Ferry is the place that we call home, and the lessons that you have learned here will guide you as you move onto college, the workforce, and ultimately the rest of your lives. From your successes in the classroom, your tremendous talents in the arts and sciences, and your fortitude and perseverance on the field, there is nothing that a Dobbs Ferry graduate can’t do.

The legacy of this graduating class will be remembered for generations, and it has been an honor to serve as your Principal for the past four years. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing all of the wonderful ways that you will continue to make our community proud.


John J. Falino, Ed.D.



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